Dirty English… Rawwrrr

I can’t help it but laughed out loud when I see outrageous & silly mistakes in English.ESPECIALLY in movies or books that are publicized widely

First time was when I watched an army film a few years back. If I’m not wrong, it was a scene when the soldiers said, “DUCK! INCOMING FIRE!” The subtitles literally, straight forwardly translated in bahasa, “ITIK! API ITIK DATANG!”
Seriously, fire duck? This is what I imagined…. Le wild fiery Nazi duck attacks *rawrrr*

Another funny thing that I came up across today was the English book my nephew came across. He was laughing when he told me what he read, “THE OSTRICH HAS A BIG FURRY BIRD.” I think what the book wanted to say was ‘is’ instead of ‘has’.

That was crazy. Yes, it’s a big bird, but we don’t want to know it if HAS a furry ‘bird’ or not. Uncool *there goes my childhood*

The silliest was when I came across a SPM book. The title of a story which was suppose to be THE FRUITCAKE SPECIAL… It became THE FEETCAKE SPECIAL.

Yummy…. does the cake come with extra hair & icing?

I mean, if you were to publish english materials to the public, at least revise your stuff!