Luxurious style 5-star cruise

It is a 3-day cruise trip to Singapore aboard the Superstar Virgo.
And I gotta say, this is indeed travelling comfortably & with style! The decor & service is just… SUPERB. Damn worth it.
No wonder it’s called 5-star.

What do we do once we’re aboard? Photo taking sessions begin….

Our cabin room…
Just look at the beautiful pool! (ignore the nerdy me)

There were casinos, karaoke room, disco, gym, fun rides, spa, & many more. But guess what’s my favourite room?
The reading room!! (Nerdy me…)And there were endless entertainments & parties. One of my favourites…Chocolate party @ 1am! Free chocolate buffet all the way…
The next morning, we head to breakfast by the sea…. SUPERB!

Then it was more eating….

3-course dining at a beautiful grand restaurant…
This is where we will watch strip shows & acrobatics… the LIBIDO stage!

We chose to watch the shows from the balcony, with cocktails!
Wonderful (especially without the crowd) ^.^

More lovely pics from the cruise…………… Enjoy ^.^

Cute oversized chess-board!!


Pavillion & boots!

I went to Pavillion with an old time pal… it was nice =)
We headed for dinner at
Ichiban Boshi.
It was the first time for me, yet it’s all good.

This was what I had… a SOBA set. I find it pretty nice for a cold dish.

My fren took tis lovely pic for me!
Thanks, Josh =)By the way, I found the toilets Pavillion so nice for taking pics (Pardon me if I scared off people from using the toilets!)

This is my look for today ^.^

Also, I would like to talk about my boots (Fblock boutique)
I totally LOVE my boots!

Bought at a super low price, these boots are very comfortable & cool. It matches everything I wear!Altho’ some frens told me they look like Robin Hood’s shoes…

It was a fun day at Pavillion, not to mention spending time in its toilet. LOL…. time to get my beauty sleep! Sweet dreams

Quote of the day: Boots are not only made for walking, they’re made to make us look good ^.^
*signing out*

Astro TV commercial shoot

I always believed in perseverance & patience… and it finally paid off! Numerous castings and the results yet seem fruitless, on a fine day, i finally received a call, i got a commercial!
But sometimes we do have to give up one thing to achieve another; in this case, i gave up my fren’s party bash on the 11th august in Poppy to prepare for another day: 7:30am shooting. I sure did miss out many funny things =S
First big challenge is to look for the excluded, far far away Shooting Valley. Their map is good, but my sense of direction, hmm, i dun wanna mention it.
When i’m there, i faced my 2nd big challenge… make up! Not to say that i never apply make up or whtever, but i ‘m only use to doing it myself. I really can’t take it if someone puts a pencil or brush near my eyes… it’s like being stabbed at the eye. The scenario turns comedic; my eyes became very very watery… and it is only my right eye that keep twitching. I look like a STROKE patient ><”
It is even more embarrassing when other ppl who are waiting keep staring at me, and the makeup artist is trying to bear with me…
I swear this is how he was—>

Lol… and it appears that what everyone told me was right, “You have bushy brows, do something about them!” And yes, the makeup artist sure noticed it and did something about it. Now… i look pretty with ‘lady’ brows —->

Rather than ‘bushmen’ eyebrows—>

After all that, other casts came in &there we sat… minutes passed… hours passed… and soon we feel hungry and lose track of time. Some bit their fingers (me), some just sat and stare into space, and some lucky ones have their bfs and gfs to talk to… hmmph! *jealousy*
Finally we
couldn’t take the hunger anymore, we decided to go & get ourselves some drinks… but it is only then the shooting crew call for us! Just at the right moment, pfft…

All went well, and we had quite some fun & laughter, sweat and numerous NG takes.

Conclusion, my first experience of TVC shooting is fun & granted me new experiences, and importantly, friendship!


Well, i’m not gonna disclose too much about what we did… catch it on air anytime soon!