How to be a Korean Beauty (✿◠‿◠)

I’m not a great fan of Korean entertainment, but I must say, I’m a great fan of their styles! From down-to-earth casual to street wear, Korean ladies do know how to jive up their styles with great sense of fashion.  Since a lot of us (or friends I know) would love to look ‘Korean’ or as attractive… here’s a few tips for looking as good as 2 main types of Korean chics (sweet & funky-hot)


Juniel (she’s one of my favourite Korean beauties, so natural & sweet!)

Step 1: Makeup

If you notice, most Korean girls in dramas usually have flawless skin & wear minimal makeup on their eyes. That’s the beauty of sweet-looking Korean girls, they look beautiful without tons of eyeshadow or fake lashes! To look like a sweet-to-the-core Korean cupcake beauty, what’s important is to get flawless or dewy looking skin.

Cover dark eye-circles & blemishes, then remember use BB-cream rather than powder (to give the dewy shiny skin effect).  Next, just apply little blush on you cheeks (to give you the natural glow from within). A thin strip of eye-liner, and mascara…. That’s it! You look naturally perfect now!

Step 2: Dress like a Sweet Korean

Korean girls normally dresses in floral or light dresses to give them the ‘sweet-touch’.
Here’s the types ‘Korean style’ dresses…

(sorry for blurry camera shots…)

Step 3: Accessorize, accessorize!

My favourite part is how these Korean girls accessorize themselves with boots or hats/caps. Just love the way they do it.

For the sweet look, it is always safe to invest in cute hats, hairbands… and definitely BOOTS!



Nothing beats members of 2ne1 when it comes to looking funky, yet hot!

Step 1: Makeup

Many people might think that their sense of style is difficult to be worn in public, but girls… if you how to tune down on the bizarreness, and still look casual enough to be funky… you got it! As for make-up wise, you can apply some (not a lot) smokey eyes with a dash of dark eyeliner.

You’ll be smoking hot in no time! Again, there’s no need for fake lashes (or else you’ll look Japanese rather than Korean!)

Step 2: Dress-up like a Funky-hottie!

Colours… bright eye-catching colours is the key to dressing up Korean street-wear style. Secondly, to look hot, maybe you should invest in a good pair of shorts or skirts. Here’s a sample I managed to savage from my closet…

Step 3: Accessorize, accessorize!

For the funky-hotlook, it is always safe to invest in caps, shorts/skirts… and again BOOTS! If you realize, I’m also actually quite a boot fanatic myself (got myself 5 pairs, so far).

Anyhow, I wish you liked my blog & got some ideas how to ‘look’ Korean. However, if there’s anything you disagree or would like to correct me… do so!  I’m happy to learn new stuff!

Most importantly, I have NEVER claim myself to be as beautiful as the girls I mention. I would be lucky to look half as gorgeous as real Koreans! Just a clarification, before my mail box is bombarded by hate-mails, just in case.

For now, peace…. lotsa love (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥


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