Dianababe.com … my blog’s official new home!

hello world…
It’s time to announce the moving of my blog.

This blog will no longer have active posts…. as my new official blog will be dianababe.com!

Yes, it’s my very own domain *yeehaaa*

Anyways, I will be bloggin lotsa new stuff in my new blog & hope you guys will like it *cheerios*


Lee Chong Wei… why is he a Hero (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥

After watching the emotional match between Lee Chong Wei & LinDan (China), I must say that I have never felt so proud for a Malaysian. Although he didn’t get a Gold medal, but his effort and determination showed the whole world what it means to be a Malaysian (tough & resilient). He deserves the best respect from all Malaysians!

He’s a national hero in terms of sports, he’s also a great example of unity.

As I walked past stores along my way home…. I could see many different people stood close to each other in front of any shops with television sets… all of them young & old, different races & all…  strangers to each other… sharing the same excitement & support for the same purpose: pride in Malaysia’s team. Unity at its best.

I can’t help but draw him to show my love & support…. he’s just fabulous!

Although Lee Chong Wei did not get a Gold medal, but I think he had won more than that. He had help us Malaysians to experience & gain unity, as well as the fact that we’re capable of unconditional support & love for our teams, regardless of the outcome. Malaysians, you are doing it right!

No matter what happens…  I’m proud of you, Lee Chong Wei (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥

TOTAL RECALL: Action movie of the year ◉◡◉

If you have heard of the movie Total Recall before this year or even watched the original Total Recall (1990), good for you… because to me, 1990’s Total Recall had been one of my lifetime favourites & I’ve watched it for at least 10 times throughout my childhood up till my teenage years! I was such a big Schwarzenegger fan *me gusta*

Surely you can imagine my excitement when I knew that they are going to remake my all-time favourite movie! Not to mention with one of my biggest male fantasy…. Colin Farrell! *Dayumms*

So with free tickets & greatest joy, I rushed to the nearest cinema!

I gotta say…. of all the sci-fi movies this year… this is the BEST action sci-fi movie I’ve watched this year!

Important points about the movie:

  1. Action pack from the first minute until the end of the show (I tried so hard not to go to the loo, in order not to miss any action!)
  2. The effects is superb! It might be one of the best movies to watch in 3D!
  3. The ideas for the technology & settings are crazy creative- imagine hologram masks & memory manipulations!
  4. Even if you know the story from the 1990 Total Recall, this movie will make you want to watch it again, as the 2012 has more actions & a lot more twists.
  5. As compared to the 1990 version, Total Recall 2012 is much more age friendly (less gore & disturbing visuals).

Anyways, if you’re interested, here’s a comparison of both versions (although both have their own good parts)

I so totally love this movie, and might consider watching it in again, this time in 3D!

Anyhow, if you are a fan of sci-fi, future & techy stuff, this is the best movie! Even if not, just a fan of action film itself is enough to make you love this film!

McCafe @ Titiwangsa, Malaysia…. brand new place to chill!

If you guys had heard about McCafe (McDonald’s new concept), well wonder no more. It’s here in Malaysia & you can visit it anytime!
Me & the guys (the usual PYT gang) went there to chill while checking out the new place for ourselves.


I gotta say, the place is quite nice & exquisite looking, as compared to any McDonald’s outlets. McCafe offers more of a ‘specialty’ coffee house theme, similar to places like Coffee Bean or Starbucks…just that it’s more down-to-earth & affordable~ I like!
Enough said… let photos do the talking….




Basically, it’s a nice place to chill…. even Donkey approves!

Have a nice chilling session @ McCafe!




How to be a Korean Beauty (✿◠‿◠)

I’m not a great fan of Korean entertainment, but I must say, I’m a great fan of their styles! From down-to-earth casual to street wear, Korean ladies do know how to jive up their styles with great sense of fashion.  Since a lot of us (or friends I know) would love to look ‘Korean’ or as attractive… here’s a few tips for looking as good as 2 main types of Korean chics (sweet & funky-hot)


Juniel (she’s one of my favourite Korean beauties, so natural & sweet!)

Step 1: Makeup

If you notice, most Korean girls in dramas usually have flawless skin & wear minimal makeup on their eyes. That’s the beauty of sweet-looking Korean girls, they look beautiful without tons of eyeshadow or fake lashes! To look like a sweet-to-the-core Korean cupcake beauty, what’s important is to get flawless or dewy looking skin.

Cover dark eye-circles & blemishes, then remember use BB-cream rather than powder (to give the dewy shiny skin effect).  Next, just apply little blush on you cheeks (to give you the natural glow from within). A thin strip of eye-liner, and mascara…. That’s it! You look naturally perfect now!

Step 2: Dress like a Sweet Korean

Korean girls normally dresses in floral or light dresses to give them the ‘sweet-touch’.
Here’s the types ‘Korean style’ dresses…

(sorry for blurry camera shots…)

Step 3: Accessorize, accessorize!

My favourite part is how these Korean girls accessorize themselves with boots or hats/caps. Just love the way they do it.

For the sweet look, it is always safe to invest in cute hats, hairbands… and definitely BOOTS!



Nothing beats members of 2ne1 when it comes to looking funky, yet hot!

Step 1: Makeup

Many people might think that their sense of style is difficult to be worn in public, but girls… if you how to tune down on the bizarreness, and still look casual enough to be funky… you got it! As for make-up wise, you can apply some (not a lot) smokey eyes with a dash of dark eyeliner.

You’ll be smoking hot in no time! Again, there’s no need for fake lashes (or else you’ll look Japanese rather than Korean!)

Step 2: Dress-up like a Funky-hottie!

Colours… bright eye-catching colours is the key to dressing up Korean street-wear style. Secondly, to look hot, maybe you should invest in a good pair of shorts or skirts. Here’s a sample I managed to savage from my closet…

Step 3: Accessorize, accessorize!

For the funky-hotlook, it is always safe to invest in caps, shorts/skirts… and again BOOTS! If you realize, I’m also actually quite a boot fanatic myself (got myself 5 pairs, so far).

Anyhow, I wish you liked my blog & got some ideas how to ‘look’ Korean. However, if there’s anything you disagree or would like to correct me… do so!  I’m happy to learn new stuff!

Most importantly, I have NEVER claim myself to be as beautiful as the girls I mention. I would be lucky to look half as gorgeous as real Koreans! Just a clarification, before my mail box is bombarded by hate-mails, just in case.

For now, peace…. lotsa love (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥