Be a Super-Hero: create your own heroic MASK!

With all the superhero movies coming up in cinemas lately… it’s no wonder that it ignited a secret part of us… a part of us, so secretly wanted to be super heroes since childhood.

Surely, people will call us crazy for having super-hero dreams… but I say “LET’s DO IT!”
I believe that there’s a hero in every person, waiting to be unleashed & shine.

Following such dreams, I decided to design & create series of super-hero mask for me & 3 of my besties. We all had dreams to be super-heroes, so I figure that I must include them too =)

It’s easy & quick to create your own unique hero mask! Here’s how I did it….. *deng deng deng*

STEP 1: Buy Ready-Made Masks

Such masks are available in toy or party stores. For me, I got 4 masks from Daiso ($5 per mask) for me & my best friends.
For me, I’ll just removed the numbers on the forehead (Numbers are so not suitable for my super-hero style)!

STEP 2: Sketch & Design Masks!

This is the best part of all, the part which I enjoyed to the max!

Since 3 of my besties are males, while I’m the only female… I designed tougher & macho designs for 3 of them. For myself, I prefer the cute-yet-edgy design that’s feminine.  Here’s the sketch of my designs! Personally, my style is more of the simple yet colourful type (you can see that by yourself, I guess).

STEP 3: Stitch, stitch, stitch away…

After finalizing the designs on my mind… I cut fabrics & started stitching right away! Here’s a pic of my work almost done~

STEP 4: Show-off Your New Masks!

If you noticed, some of the designs vary from what was sketched in my drawing, because it turns out that I ran out of fabrics! Gotta do some last minute rearrangements with lack of fabrics! Here’s the finished hero masks… (about the cute dolls atop the masks, I made them for my friends too , each for all of us)!

You should have guessed it… the red’s mine! Wuhoo…. what do you guys think about my designs?

STEP 5 – Go Save the World…. No time to waste, our people need us *Swisssh*

My besties sure find them cool!  They find it sooooo COOL, that it’s going to be featured in a film we’re producing 

*In case you didn’t know, we’re also members of PYT productions team*

Generally, the process of making the masks is quite arduous & not to mention sore eyes…. but it was worth it.

Super-hero dreams shall prevail even if I got a needle stuck in my eye! Yeaaaaaa!!

If you’re wondering , we’re all NORMAL adults. But hey, being a normal grown-up doesn’t mean we should give up our dreams to be a hero!

Remember, there’s a hero in every of us…. it’s just up to us to unleash it. Yeeaaaaaa!! 


Ms. Two-Face…

Just got back from my Kendo classes & I felt too lazy to get myself to shower (I know, I’m smelly!).

I got bored & decided to do a little experiment… I wonder how drastic will I look if I put as much makeup as on my left eye while leaving my right eye completely makeup-less (if such word exist).

         Me without makeup…                                                                           

And what happens FIVE minutes later….

I’m just gonna makeup one of my eyes, as it’s already 3am & I don’t see any reason to have a complete makeup right before I go to bed!  Anyhow, my silly curiosity is fulfilled & it’s time for me to hit my lovely bedsheets~*

So…. is there differences?