A Madhatter’s Ball @ STYLO FASHION -Mercedes Benz 2012

I had the privileged to attend one of the many STYLO nights lined up this year. I must thank one of Malaysia’s best designer, BILL KEITH (friend of my mother’s). Being a nice friend, he personally reserve 3 passes to my mother tickets for the fashion show.  I LOVE MY MOMMY! She’s the coolest!

My mother & I… Do we look alike? Lol

So tagging along side my mother(and being a particularly good & agreeable daughter for that night) I got to feast my eyes on gorgeous people and great fashion, in one of the hottest nights in KL. What a night…. and I have photos to prove how enjoyable it had been! Wuhoo~

Since it’s Madhatter’s Ball…. I wore a hat! And I loved the Asahi beer served that night ^.^

And guess what…. I get to sit front row facing the catwalk platform! Perfect place to meet important others~

Such as in this case…. eccentric blogger, Mr. KEE HUA CHEE himself!
He is so so so so friendly & bubbly in real person, not to mention fashionable too!

Sitting at the front of the show, is also the perfect place to snap photos of the runway. Since BILL KEITH is my mother’s friend, I will only upload my favourite pieces of his work at the show 😛

White Swan, a very nice way to kick start his swan-themed design for the night~

Personally, this blue & green dress is my favourite! I love it I love it…. Wooooooooo~

PS: And I love her legs too *jealous*

And the winner….. is no other than BILL!

Wuhoo, good for him!

When it was time to congratulate him…. I went up to him, and he thought I’m one of the reporters *sobs*

I had to say, “I’m Mrs.Lee’s daughter!”  That was only I get to take photo with him, and alongside my mother of course *blushes*
Hahahaha….. no matter, I had a great night & it was a truly fashionable event ^.^


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