I’m a Horrible Classmate

My class had a presentation & one of my classmates was presenting when I got so darn bored. Time seemed to have stopped entirely, into an endless time-warp of excruciating boredom.

I tried to look interested by flipping my papers, when I saw my classmate’s notes & I  found her wrote TANK YOU (instead of thank you) at the end of the presentation slides. I can’t ignore it… I’m an English Nazi!!

Feeling so bored…. I doodled the note….

I was so engrossed in my doodling, I giggled to myself. Then, I didn’t realized that some of my classmates were looking at my drawing. Worse, my lecturer was there looking at me doodling the whole time! They were looking disapprovingly at me, like I did some kind of a CRIME.

Great. Now everyone will think I’m a horrible classmate who makes fun about others’ mistakes.

I don’t know what to do but smile at everyone *bad poker face* and pretended nothing happened…

But then again…. WHATEVER…


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