Lone Shopper =P

It had been a really rough month… I cudn’t eat or sleep well, stressed….
So, I decided to do something to cheer myself up- shopping! Though shopping alone, it aint that bad =)
First stop: Boutique

The first thing that caught my eye was a pair of oh-so-gorgeous jeans & top!
BUT, only one size… EXTRA SMALL! So sad, I never thought I cud fit into it, but it seems that my stress & poor appetite have some positive sides… i fitted in the jeans! *yeah yeah*

Plus, it was on sales!

Next stop: Bookstore
Ok, i gotta admit, I love books. I can spend hours reading & reading.
I went to a thrifty 2nd hand book store, and guess what I found? Classics! At very very low prices, about RM5-10 per book.

This is my favourite book, a classic ^.^

(Already finished reading one of them)

Quote of the day: Jeans are a bum’s bestfriend (it makes our bums look so good, yummy)

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