Magazine Shooting

Dear friends,

Just want to share my shooting lately with CLEO (actually last year, ehemm). But I’ve been so busy, I haven’t got the time to blog about it.
All the school work and assignments are literally killing me!
The day before the shoot, I had to rush for an assignment until it was 4am!
The next day, I had to rush to my university all the way from home, just to hand it in by noon. What happened next, is that I have to rush to the shooting studio all the way in Kelana Jaya before 5pm!

When I finally reached the place, it’s time for make-up and some nail polish time. It’s a BIGGIE, as i always bite my nails, so they look horrendous. It’s lucky that the girl managed to make my nails look fine *pheww*. Not to mention her wonderful work in concealing my late night eye-bags!


It was a hectic day, but I had a ball…. here’s some pics ^.^

PS: bear the difference… i can’t even recognize myself!


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