Baby Bunnie!

Recently, just about a week ago, my rabbit gave birth to two precious baby bunnies!

However, one of it died….. while the other lives!
It was devastatingly sad, however, I was glad that the other survived.
Since it was the first time I had a baby offspring in my house, it was a very fresh first experience for me! And boy, I would never know how quick a baby bunny grows!

Here’s a walk through of my bunny’s childhood development milestones (can’t help it with the psychological jargons, hooked with it through my course :P)

2 days old!

4 days old….

7 freaking days old!
Just imagine how would it be in like… a months’ time… will be a pony-sized bunny? *puking rainbow*
Lol, just joking. However, It was a pleasant surprise that the baby bunny was growing up healthy, and so quickly!
Such a pleasant bundle of joy ^.^

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