Luxurious style 5-star cruise

It is a 3-day cruise trip to Singapore aboard the Superstar Virgo.
And I gotta say, this is indeed travelling comfortably & with style! The decor & service is just… SUPERB. Damn worth it.
No wonder it’s called 5-star.

What do we do once we’re aboard? Photo taking sessions begin….

Our cabin room…
Just look at the beautiful pool! (ignore the nerdy me)

There were casinos, karaoke room, disco, gym, fun rides, spa, & many more. But guess what’s my favourite room?
The reading room!! (Nerdy me…)And there were endless entertainments & parties. One of my favourites…Chocolate party @ 1am! Free chocolate buffet all the way…
The next morning, we head to breakfast by the sea…. SUPERB!

Then it was more eating….

3-course dining at a beautiful grand restaurant…
This is where we will watch strip shows & acrobatics… the LIBIDO stage!

We chose to watch the shows from the balcony, with cocktails!
Wonderful (especially without the crowd) ^.^

More lovely pics from the cruise…………… Enjoy ^.^

Cute oversized chess-board!!


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