Pavillion & boots!

I went to Pavillion with an old time pal… it was nice =)
We headed for dinner at
Ichiban Boshi.
It was the first time for me, yet it’s all good.

This was what I had… a SOBA set. I find it pretty nice for a cold dish.

My fren took tis lovely pic for me!
Thanks, Josh =)By the way, I found the toilets Pavillion so nice for taking pics (Pardon me if I scared off people from using the toilets!)

This is my look for today ^.^

Also, I would like to talk about my boots (Fblock boutique)
I totally LOVE my boots!

Bought at a super low price, these boots are very comfortable & cool. It matches everything I wear!Altho’ some frens told me they look like Robin Hood’s shoes…

It was a fun day at Pavillion, not to mention spending time in its toilet. LOL…. time to get my beauty sleep! Sweet dreams

Quote of the day: Boots are not only made for walking, they’re made to make us look good ^.^
*signing out*

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